By Beth Germano

MALDEN (CBS) – A man was arrested for allegedly stealing a package from a home just one day after Malden Police turned to the public for help identifying him in connection with a separate theft.

He’s been dubbed the porch pirate, accused of stealing packages from Malden homes in the last few days until Dean Gayle’s doorbell camera caught him in the act. “I was shocked to see this happening to me. He so casually stepped off the porch like he lived here, looking around and chilling,” said Gayle.

His surveillance video would prove crucial to the arrest of 46-year-old Robert Beauchamp of Everett. He was arraigned on larceny charges for allegedly taking packages from Gayle’s porch and at least two other Malden homes in the last few days.

A resident’s camera caught a package theft suspect in Malden. (Image Credit: Malden Police)

Gayle posted his video on social media and it caught the attention of the community and police. “We got our break when a witness called and said they saw somebody fitting the description stealing a package from a nearby residence,” said Malden police Captain Marc Gatcomb.

Gayle said he’s pleased it worked having purchased the Ring doorbell just for this type of security. “I posted it Tuesday and on Wednesday afternoon they caught him,” Gayle said.

Robert Beauchamp. (Image Credit: Malden Police)

On Thursday, Malden Police have another case of stolen goods with package thefts on the increase this time of year, and boxes often left in plain sight. Dean Gayle wonders if Robert Beauchamp is responsible for even more thefts his doorbell didn’t capture. “Since November 25 I’ve lost at least four packages and my tenant lost three. If it’s the same guy he got some good stuff,” said Gayle.

It’s a question police are asking as well. “Generally it’s not the first rodeo. We’re trying to backtrack other videos he may be seen in,” said Capt Gatcomb who reminds homeowners to develop a system to have delivered packages placed out of the public view.

Beth Germano


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