BOSTON (CBS) – An investigation is underway as a 12-week-old puppy is being treated for “injuries so severe that she may never recover.” Authorities want to know who apparently burned and injured “Ramona,” who is staying at the MSPCA-Angell Medical Center in Boston.

A woman walking her dog in Acton found the puppy last month near a trail in the woods. Ramona was wagging her tail but couldn’t walk and had several open wounds. The woman called the police and drove the puppy to the MSPCA.

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“We can’t imagine how something like this happened to her,” said Anna Rafferty-Arnold from the MSPCA. She’s part of the team caring for Ramona. “About 40% of her body is covered in what we believe are chemical burns. Her respiratory system was also affected.” Ramona also has what are probably animal bites on her back.

“Not only is she dealing with these horrendous skin wounds, but she also has a broken left front elbow, which started to heal improperly, so we may need to amputate that leg,” said MSPCA shelter veterinarian Rebecca Fellman in a statement.

Ramona the puppy (Photo credit: MSPCA-Angell)

“We are highly suspicious that this was something intentional. We want that person to be brought to justice if there is such a person,” said Rafferty-Arnold.

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The MSPCA and the Acton Police are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an animal cruelty conviction. In the meantime, Ramona is on a four-month rabies quarantine. After that, the hope is adoption.

“She’s just very good-natured. She would love to say hello to everybody if she could. She’s really bonded with each of us in a special way, and we really can’t wait to see her feeling better,” Rafferty-Arnold said.

“Obviously we very much hope we can get to the stage where we place her into an adoptive home because, after all she’s been through, she deserves that more than anything,” Fellman said.

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The animal hospital has also set up a fundraiser for anyone who wants to help pay for Ramona’s care. Anyone who wants to help Ramona can donate here.