STOUGHTON (CBS) – A truck driver was charged with drunk driving after slamming into a Stoughton office building during a Tuesday snowstorm.

James O’Bala, 50, was charged with operating under the influence, negligent operation and marked lanes violation after the crash on Technology Center Drive.

Stoughton Police Lt. John Bonney said the driver veered over the median and careened into the building. The truck hit three cars and its entire cab came to a stop inside the office building.

The building inspector is not concerned the structure will collapse, but employees on that side of the building were evacuated as a precaution.

A truck driver was charged with operating under the influence after crashing into a Stoughton building. (WBZ-TV)

Sheila Lafrance was sitting at her desk about 30 feet away from where the truck crashed. “It sounded like an explosion,” she said.

“I ran in there to make sure the gentleman was OK. He told me he was all right, he gave me a thumbs up,” said Lafrance. “He tried to back the truck out of the building and I told him ‘No! Don’t do it, don’t do it.’ I was screaming at him to shut the truck off because the office was filling with smoke.”

The truck was labeled “US Mail,” but Bonney said police have not yet been able to determine if O’Bala works for the post office.

Despite the heavy damage caused by the crash, Bonney said it could have been worse.

“There’s a lot of damage to that building, a lot of damage to that truck. Luck was certainly on a lot of people’s side for sure,” Bonney said.


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