DOVER, N.H. (CBS) — An autopsy was scheduled to take place Sunday for a five-year-old boy found dead in Dover, N.H. A family member called 911 after they found the boy unresponsive Saturday morning.

The family said nothing seemed abnormal in the morning when they went to check on him but paramedics found the boy dead when they arrived at the Summer Street home, according to police.

Dover Police Lt. Brant Dolleman said, “I expect that the medical examiner will not only complete an autopsy but I believe that they will have numerous tests that they’ll need to do and it may take some time to get answers back.”

“I was devastated to hear what happened,” said Neighbor Doug DeDe. He knows the family well and works alongside the boy’s father as part of Dover’s historic home tours.

“It’s tough. They are a wonderful couple, they really are. High-quality people, they are upstanding individuals,” said DeDe.

Dolleman described the death as “untimely” and still under investigation.

“We are exploring all possibilities,” he said. “No one has been charged with any crime and we don’t anticipate any charges coming forward any time soon.”

Throughout the day family and friends went by the house to offer support.

“This is a tremendous tragedy and it obviously has devastated a family and it’s going to devastate any friends of that family and of the child,” said Dolleman. “Our heart goes out to them.”


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