By Katie Brace

BEDFORD, NH (CBS) – A litter of German shepherd puppies in New Hampshire need surgery and a new home.

Skylar and Boo are always on the move, but they are two of seven puppies who are not moving like they should. “They walk that way to manage the pain,” said Dr. Stephanie Magnarelli of the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire.

The litter of 8-month old pups have orthopedic issues, mainly hip dysplasia, so their back hips dislocate. When they walk their back legs crouch and sometimes look knock-kneed.

German shepherd puppy up for adoption in New Hampshire (WBZ-TV)

“Theirs is very severe. They’re also very young to be having it and showing these severe signs,” said Dr. Magnarelli.

The dogs need surgery that costs $7500 for each hip. The Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire is raising money to cover the costs. They also need homes of their own to recover; all of them are up for adoption.

“Need somebody who is home quite a bit and able to take them to physical therapy. There may be costs down the line with their care that could be a little more than somebody would be expecting with a regular pup,” said Naomi Stevens, Director of Operations at the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire.

It is not known if the health issues are genetic or environmental. A breeder, who was also in poor health, could not properly take care of the puppies.

“It was still overwhelming for her and they had more issues than what she could handle,” said Stevens.

Rescuers do know with surgery and physical therapy combined with love and affection, the five boys and two girls will have plenty of kisses to share.

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