BERLIN (CBS) – A New York man was arrested Saturday for illegally transporting more than $36,000 worth of alcohol on Interstate 495 in Berlin.

The trooper who made the arrest said the Chevrolet Suburban driven by 36-year-old Jia Chen of Flushing, NY had a failed inspection sticker and was swerving. Photos show boxes of liquor stacked to the roof inside the SUV.

Police arrested a man for transporting $36,000 worth of liquor (Image credit Mass State Police)

“In Massachusetts it is illegal to transport more than 3 gallons of liquor without a permit,” State Police said. “Individuals violating this are commonly looking to purchase alcohol in states without liquor tax for purposes of transporting and illegally reselling the liquor without licenses and permits in other areas.”

Liquor seized from SUV in Berlin (Image credit Mass State Police)

State Police said the floor of the vehicle was altered to support heavy loads.

Chen was charged with unlawful transport of liquor, marked lane violations and operating a motor vehicle with a failed inspection.


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