ROCKPORT (CBS) — A Massachusetts man received an answer to his message in a bottle about a decade after he threw it into the Atlantic Ocean. Max Vredenburgh said he vividly remembers vividly being 10 years old and throwing a wine bottle into the water at Long Beach in Rockport.

A month ago, his parents received a surprise letter in the mail. The man who found Vredenburgh’s note on a beach in France replied.

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“Logistically, I think I have a higher chance of winning the lottery than this happening,” Vredenburgh said. His note was dated August 21, 2010.

“When I first read his letter, my heart, my stomach just dropped. I was like, ‘oh my God. My 10-year-old wish just came true. This is insane.'”

The reply letter, signed by G. Dubois, said it took nine years to cover the 6,000 kilometers that separate them and a lot must have changed since then.

Vredenburgh’s original note said, in part: “I’m 10 years old. I like apples, I like the beach. My favorite color is blue. I like animals. I like cars and I like outer space. Please write back.”

His tweet about the letter went viral on Twitter.

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“This kind of made me reflect back on who I used to be,” said Vredenburgh.

Now, he is curious about G. Dubois. “I want to know about him. I want to know if he likes, what his favorite food is, what his favorite color is. Does he like space?” Vredenburgh smiled.

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Thanks to the power of social media, they have connected on Instagram.