By Kate Merrill

BEDFORD (CBS) – Inside the iRobot campus right off Route 3 in Bedford, Massachusetts, it’s all about creation and innovation.

Their latest Roomba vacuum is a robotic powerhouse, but this local company is also looking beyond its latest creation to the future.

“The student who sits at home and builds Legos all the time, they’re in 5th grade, they have no idea they could be prototyping and making a robot,” said Lisa Freed, iRobot’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Program Manager.

In their Family Innovation Room, they’re investing in kids. This space is open to classrooms, kids, even employees, all to learn and create. There are robots and crafts, all hands-on encouragement.

“We all hear about the lack of students going into STEM and staying in STEM which is a big focus. We need them to stay in that field,” Freed told WBZ-TV.

Just down the hall, there’s the Root robot that’s bringing STEM to your kids’ Christmas list. It’s a new artistic robot your kids can control with coding, taking playtime to the next level.

“It’s a toy, but its teaching at the same time. It’s not just an entertainment toy, its making you think, its making you problem solve,” said Zee Dubrovsky, the head of educational robots at iRobot.

IRobot gives every employee two days to work on STEM advancement in the community, like speaking to kids and area schools.

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Kate Merrill


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