MILFORD (CBS) – A car crashed through a Milford Subway restaurant on Monday. The crash seriously injured a customer inside, the fire department told WBZ-TV.

“There was a male gentleman who was attempting to leave, he was a patron of the restaurant who was struck by this car. He sustained a significant leg injury and a hand injury,” Police Sgt. Robert Tusino said. That person had to be taken to the hospital.

Photos from the scene show the car completely inside the Prospect Street Subway.

A car crashed into a Milford Subway Monday (Photo credit: James Zelandi)

Officers stayed at the scene to reconstruct the incident. The driver allegedly told them there was something wrong with her brakes. Police are investigating.

Next to the Subway is a pizza shop. One of its employees, Emad Attia said, “I saw the car already inside the store, one guy he was already on the floor, heavy bleeding. Someone tried to give him first aid.”

Witness Michelle Cate said, “Obviously watching the car come out, there was more damage done to Subway than the car. Just unreal that that had happened and somebody was hurt.”

Police also said surveillance video will help with their investigation.


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