PELHAM, N.H. (CBS) – One week after a shooting during a wedding at a Pelham, New Hampshire, church wounded the bride and groom, as well as Bishop Stanley Choate, members returned to worship.

“(It’s) very difficult with the circumstances that happened here. It’s unbelievable,” said Timothy Carrington, parishioner at New England Pentecostal Ministries Church.

Thirty-seven-year-old Dale Halloway has been charged with attempted murder for shooting Choate in the chest. He’s also charged with second-degree assault for shooting the bride, Claire McMullen, in the arm and simple assault for injuring the groom, Mark Castiglone, who was hit by a flying object.

Dale Holloway. (Photo credit: Pelham, NH Police)

“It was scary because you don’t see that in a church,” said parishioner Natalia Macias, 7.

Her mother, Francia Macias, was returning with her daughter for the first time since the shooting.

“We saw the bishop on the floor and everybody bleeding. The enemy doesn’t win, and we are not going to be afraid,” she said.

Prosecutors said Holloway is the stepson of a minister from this same church who was shot and killed earlier this month.

For their part, police maintained a strong presence at the church Sunday.

“We do have three officers assigned to the church. We don’t anticipate any issues, We are here to instill a sense of security to this community,” Lieutenant Anne Perriello, of the Pelham Police Department, said Sunday morning.

Church officials said the attendance Sunday was normal. The bishop’s son, Pastor Lee Choate, delivered the service, which was one of hope and faith.

“To me, the building is just the building, but it’s your faith in God that keeps you doing,” said parishioner Stafford Daniels.

Sunday School classes remain closed, and a special prayer was held during the service.

Paul Burton


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