By Tiffany Chan

BEVERLY, MA (CBS) – It was a close call for a Beverly husband and wife, after a massive tree crashed into their bedroom at the height of Thursday’s storm.

“I heard a crack and the tree came down into the house,” Rachael Corkum told WBZ-TV.

Rachael described the terrifying moments– laying in complete darkness when branches and debris went flying. Her husband, William, was rushed to the hospital with a cut to the head. The injuries were so bad, he had to have surgery. Rachael miraculously walked away with just minor scrapes and bruises.

She said, “it was honestly the scariest thing that has happened.”

Telling by the damage to the back of their Brimbal Avenue home, Corkum said it’s a miracle the pair survived.

A tree crashed through a Beverly home, injuring a sleeping couple. (Photo credit: Tiffany Chan/WBZ-TV)

Debris littered every inch of the first floor bedroom, where the tree landed on the mattress. A tree limb could be seen lodged through the roof into the stairway inside.

“There was lightning happening too, but there was just so much wind. Just look at the destruction. This tree has been here for years,” said their neighbor Virginia Colton.

Landscaping crews spent most of Thursday with the clean-up, clearing downed branches from the front and back yards. Across the street, their neighbor told WBZ-TV the couple is beyond lucky.

“They were very lucky that nobody was seriously hurt,” said Colton.

Tiffany Chan


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