BOSTON (CBS) — There has been a whole lot of speculation about Rob Gronkowski making a comeback. The Patriots could certainly use a play-making tight end, and owner Robert Kraft fanned the comeback flames Thursday night when he said that Gronk has yet to file his retirement papers.

Gronk has had fun with his retirement, always kinda sorta hinting that he may one day play football again. But that is all just a game according to Gronk. As him about a comeback, and he says it’s not happening.

During a Tuesday morning interview on WEEI, a caller asked Gronknowski point blank if he would come back to the Patriots this season.

“When I retired, I retired for a reason. It would be a no. There it is,” said Gronkowski. “But I never say no, because I said no and everyone said ‘he’s kidding.’ It’s a no. In my mind, that’s how it is, a no.

“I say I keep it open, because when I do say no people say I’m kidding. But in my mind, it’s a no,” he reiterated.

Gronk said that he wouldn’t need too much time to get back into game shape, but right now, he is happy with where he is at in life. He added that it’s not a money issue, but a wellness issue.

“Like I said, I would have to be feeling it,” he said of making a comeback. “It needs to be a couple of weeks where I need to go play football again. … I’m enjoying myself right now. I don’t have that itch, and if I had that itch I’d go back. It would have to be a continuous itch. I see Tom [Brady] throw a nice touchdown pass, I’m like “I wish that was me’. But that’s five seconds.

“It has to be a long, continuous itch,” he said.

And he wonders why no one takes him serious.

Gronkowski said that none of his former teammates in New England have reached out to him about playing again, because they know his situation.

“They all understand. Whenever we talk we talk like we’re friends, boys,” he said. “They would never put pressure on me or anything and that’s a good way to have it.”

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