By Katie Brace

BOSTON (CBS) – The challenges of cycling though busy traffic in Jackson Square pales to what some have recently encountered on the neighboring bike path.

“I was one of the people that was punched by a kid,” said Dan Greif.

Dan Greif is one of several victims who have been assaulted or even robbed. Enough crimes have occurred that State and Boston Police put out a warning to people traveling in the area.

“The policeman told me that the day before there had been four people who had reported the same thing,” said Greif.

Cyclist on Southwest Corridor Path in Jamaica Plain (WBZ-TV)

Greif was biking home from work when he saw four kids who were around the age of 11 or 12. At first, he says he didn’t think anything of it as a lot of kids live next to the Southwest Corridor Path in the Mildred Hailey Apartments. But, one of the boys came real close to the bike lane and just stood there.

“I thought he was goofing off, and then as I got close he just sort of like spun around and like stuck his arm out more or less and punched me in the face,” said Greif. “I was more startled than anything. I could have fallen it could have been bad.”

Greif rode away and called police. He is OK, and was not robbed. Officers said in other cases the victims were relieved of their cell phone or electronics. Police said the group includes up to 10 kids ranging in age from elementary school to teenager.

Southwest Corridor bike path in Jamaica Plain (WBZ-TV)

“I mean it is a little scary if someone is going to come up to you,” said one woman who uses the Jackson Square T station.

“Usually, I don’t have any issues I mean occasionally you see a police presence,” said a man biking on the path.

The police presence has been there this week. Perhaps a stronger message than the words of a Good Samaritan who saw Greif attacked.

“There was a woman behind me that started reprimanding them,” said Greif.

Police have also urged anyone who travels in the area to not openly show their cell phone or other electronics.


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