By Tiffany Chan

BRAINTREE (CBS) – One Braintree family turned their front yard into “Halloween Town.” The children in the neighborhood love it, but the family next door says they’ve had enough of the spooky sights and sounds.

Denise McDonough and her four children spent hours decorating their Liberty Street home.

“This is the biggest it’s been, but yeah, we do it every year,” said McDonough.

Their front yard was filled with gigantic inflatable pumpkins, a haunted tree, a scarecrow and even a trio of singing pumpkins lit up by a projector.

Halloween display on Liberty Street in Braintree (WBZ-TV)

“It has a projector and a surround sound system that blasts out that way,” said Kevin Hagerty, who helped build the display.

It’s the noise, on loop for at least a few hours each night that has one neighbor a bit annoyed.

Beverly Darch told WBZ-TV, “It’s too loud! It upsets my husband because our bedroom is right outside of their driveway.”

That’s not all the family is upset about.

“Just… how terrible they look during the day because they deflate so the yard is a mess,” added Darch.

After her initial complaint, McDonough decided to go bigger and louder by adding more inflatables to their yard.

Halloween display on Liberty Street in Braintree (WBZ-TV)

“Maybe a little bit of spite,” she admits.

The Halloween display is drawing the attention of many drivers who continue to stop by the home.

“He loves it. Every time he sees it he’s like ‘Halloween, Halloween!’ He just wants to see it,” Kilina Lu said of her 3-year-old son Lucas.

The elaborate set-up is bringing joy to many.

“I just wish he would enjoy it too. Instead of looking at it poorly, I hope he turns around and comes and enjoys it too,” said Hagerty of his neighbors.

But it’s also bringing sleepless nights for some.

“Why don’t you spend more money on taking care of your lawn,” Darch said. “As opposed to making the neighborhood look cheesier.”

Tiffany Chan


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