BOSTON (CBS) — The results from the two most important offensive players are in. The Antonio Brown signing is a thumbs up.

That’s at least what can be gleaned from the initial Instagram reactions of both Tom Brady and Julian Edelman.

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In the case of Brady, the first response to the news was short and sweet. In an Instagram post by Brown featuring Brown and Edelman at the Grammy Awards, Brady showed up in the comments section with a simple message:

Tom Brady’s comment on Antonio Brown’s Instagram post (Screen shot from Instagram/AB84)

Tom Brady’s comment on Antonio Brown’s Instagram post (Screen shot from Instagram/AB84)

A pair of hearts is the welcome every receiver hopes to receive upon joining the Patriots.

That’s not the first case of some social media flirtation from Brady toward Brown, as Brown shared a private message from Brady a year ago, in which Brady said, “Keep ballin AB!! Fun to watch you!!!

In the case of Edelman, the message was a bit more overt. Edelman posted a photo of a long-sleeve T-shirt, featuring praying hands and the words “Bill’s Plan” on the front. The back says “AMERICA’S WORST NIGHTMARE TOUR,” in the style of a concert T-shirt, and it then lists all of the play makers on offense.

That list includes “Brown, 84, Boomin.”

“Now arriving at gate AB84: The flight from Northern California, Edelman wrote for the caption, adding the hashtag “BillsPlan” and an airplane emoji.

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All of this activity pales in comparison to that of Brown himself, who already had two different Patriots-themed pictures posted to his account within hours of the news breaking. (Someone’s going to have to let him know the correct spelling of “Foxsborough.” Don’t want him to punch it in wrong on the GPS.)

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The Patriot Way

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Head coach Bill Belichick has yet to share his own reaction via Snapface, MyFace or InstaFace.

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Brown will not be eligible to play on Sunday night in the Patriots’ season opener, but based on social media reaction, he’ll have a warm welcome for him when the doors to the locker room open on Monday.

UPDATE: Later on Sunday, we learned that Brady was so excited that he’s apparently willing to let Brown move in with him.

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