MASHPEE (CBS) — As Hurricane Dorian makes its way across the Bahamas, a Massachusetts native who developed and owns a resort on the island is keeping a close eye on the storm.

David Southworth is a co-owner for the Abaco Club Resort. He is staying safety on Sunday in Mashpee.

“The waters come up to the second level of homes, people standing on roofs,” Southworth described from videos he has seen.

As Dorian roared through the region, flooded and damaged buildings were left in its wake.

“I’ve seen reports from Marsh Harbor that look devastating. The homes, many homes are flooded, many are wiped out. Lots of tree damage. What I’ve seen are the worst of what you would expect in a situation like this,” he said.

David Southworth, co-owner of the Abaco Club Resort. (WBZ-TV)

So far, he believes the damage at his resort is not severe.

The Abaco Club is built to withstand hurricanes but Southworth is worried about the people.

“It’s not the investment that we really worry about, it’s the safety. It’s the safety of the people in Abaco, our employees, our friends. So I think that comes first. Secondly, obviously, you worry about the property and what’s going happen there but its primarily the people,” he said.

Southworth hopes to get down there in the next few days to survey the damage and he is mobilizing to help the community.

“We have a charitable fund in Abaco and we’ve already had members from our other communities reaching out as it relates to how to help so by tomorrow we’ll be communicating with them and we’ll start to collect funds.”


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