Maynard (CBS) — Five businesses in Maynard were hit overnight by vandals. The windows on the Main Street stores were shot out with a pellet gun and a few were broken into between 12:30 and 4:30 a.m. Monday.

That afternoon, Tara Hickley’s husband vacuumed up shattered glass around the kicked-in back door of their store while she tried to determine just how much the burglars stole.

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“I mean, it was like almost with care, they stole from us. So I have a feeling it’s someone who has been here, someone that we know. That makes me very sad,” said Tara.

The Hinckleys have put their life’s savings into this Harry Potter themed shop in downtown Maynard. Tara said the intruders seemed to know exactly where stuff was — right down to the butterbeer ingredients that they drank on site.

“I feel that it’s personal, I feel violated…If somebody had wanted something that badly, all they had to do was ask me,” she said.

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Glass windows and the door of Sugar Snap on Main Street in Maynard appeared to be shot out by a pellet gun (WBZ-TV)

A McDonald’s, a liquor store, a candy store, and Nancy Quinn’s real estate office were also hit.

Quinn said, “My own personal opinion is it wasn’t aimed at any one of us specifically.”

Police have surveillance video from the vandalism at the McDonald’s showing a white, bearded man, in his 20s or 30s, with a white hoodie and white baseball hat.

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Several windows of the fast-food restaurant were broken by the pellet gun and police said the person responsible also created a significant mess inside.