BOSTON (CBS) – Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck stunned everyone, including his own fans, when news of his retirement leaked while he stood on the sidelines with his teammates during a preseason game against the Chicago Bears.

As he walked off the field following the game, Luck was booed by many Colts fans who were still in attendance.

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hear the reaction,” Luck said. “It hurt, I’ll be honest with you, it hurt.”

Players across the league were critical of the fans who booed Luck, a quarterback who dealt with a long list of injuries during his career.

Among those who weighed in were Patriots players James White, Devin McCourty and Kyle Van Noy.

Bears tight end Trey Burton was on the field and heard the reaction firsthand.

Following Luck’s stunning retirement, former Patriots quarterback Jacoby Brissett takes over as starter.


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