By Lisa Hughes

BEDFORD (CBS) – It wasn’t enough for him to ride his bike nearly 200 miles in the Pan Mass Challenge, so a man from Bedford decided to push that to nearly 4000 miles on a coast-to-coast trip. On Thursday, that trip ended as it started, on a beach, this time in Revere. And all those miles and hard work will help Boston scientists fight cancer.

Dan Hurwitz is one of the most determined guys you’ll ever meet. On Thursday he completed a bike journey he began at the Pacific Ocean in May. One hundred seven days later, he arrived at the Atlantic Ocean, Revere Beach, a trip from sea to shining sea.

“I’m feeling great. This has been the most amazing trip,” he said.

Dan Hurwitz (WBZ-TV)

Yes, it was a personal challenge, but the cause was much, much bigger. “I’ve met lots of people on the ride who are cancer survivors or cancer fighters. Everybody’s been touched. My wife’s a survivor, both of my brothers are survivors, both my parents are not,” Dan said.

Dan has ridden in the Pan Mass Challenge two day bike-a-thon 12 times to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. This year he changed it up in a big way, a coast to coast bike trip to raise even more money.

Dan Hurwitz (WBZ-TV)

“I’m going to be 65, my kids are out of college, my wife is accommodating, my job is amenable, now’s my time,” he says.

Dan’s goal is to raise $20,000, and he’s almost there after 4000 miles.

“You can raise money or you can write a check and I think that gives a lot of people a sense of helping. It gives me a sense of helping that’s for sure,” he explained.

And after all that riding, what now? “People ask me, do you still like to ride and the answer is absolutely! I’m going for a ride tomorrow,” he said laughing.

What about riding in next year’s PMC? When we asked him Dan said, probably.

Lisa Hughes


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