By Breana Pitts

MARBLEHEAD (CBS) — A AAA survey found that two out of three drivers don’t trust auto mechanics but a new technology is helping put drivers at ease. It’s called Bolt On Technology and it gives car owners the chance to see exactly what’s going on under the hood, or under the carriage.

Dan Martin of Precision Motor Werks in Marblehead says the technology both informs and educates customers.

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During a routine checkup on an SUV, Dan shined his light on the container holding the brake fluid. It had a reddish tinge, which is a red flag that it needs to be changed. He snapped a photo with his iPad. “The customer can see that the fluid is not clear and becoming discolored,” he explained.

Dan Martin uses Bolt On technology (WBZ-TV)

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That photo and others of potential issues that Dan finds are added to the electronic inspection report. Customers are then able to see exactly what the current and potential future problems are. “If you tell them their car needs ball joins, they don’t know what any of that stuff is,” he said. “It gives them a great visual representation of what’s going on in their car.”

Kerry Gauch of Marblehead ran into issues with other mechanics and since coming to this shop, she feels much more confident. “It’s amazing,” she said. “They are not saying, ‘Oh, this needs to be done, or this.’”

Customers can even share the photos with a friend or another mechanic to get a second opinion on the diagnosis.

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After a full inspection, it was just the brake fluid that needed to be flushed on Kerry’s car. “Should we change it at my next oil change?” she asked Dan. “Yeah, something like that,” he said.

Breana Pitts