BOSTON (CBS) — Throughout his tenure as Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick has had absolutely no problem when it comes to dismissing any line of questioning about any topic. A quick uttering of “we’ll do what’s best for the team,” and Belichick can make any barrage of questioning end abruptly.

On Monday though, with the conditional reinstatement of Josh Gordon obviously being the focus of many questions, Belichick — with a slight smile — asked for a lifeline.

“Is there another line of questioning … or can the witness step down now?” Belichick asked reporters.

Prior to the request, Belichick had referred back to the statement he released over the weekend that addressed Gordon’s reinstatement. When asked a question about Gordon, Belichick asked the reporter if he had seen the statement. The exchange went like this:

Reporter: Did you get a chance to meet with Josh Gordon this morning?

Belichick: I meet with the players every day.

Reporter: Is he in good spirits and excited about his opportunity?

Belichick: Yeah, I mean, I released a statement on that. I have nothing to add to it. That’s where we’re at.

Reporter: Did he come in — how would you describe him? Did he come in in good shape?

Belichick: Yeah I think I’ve already covered all of it. … Did we … did you get a copy of the statement?

Reporter: I saw it on Twitter. It’s been a couple of days.

Belichick: Oh. Sorry. I don’t do MyFace. But we’ll be happy to give you a copy of it. That’s where I’m at.

That statement to which Belichick is referring was more than a little vague and noncommittal, as it merely said that the team will “evaluate the entire situation and do what we feel is best for Josh and the team.” Belichick, then, was asked Monday if there was a reason for the lack of certainty in the statement.

“Well, I mean, he hasn’t even been on the field yet,” Belichick said. “I think I covered it. There’s nothing more to add.”

That answer led directly to the request for the witness to stand down. It won’t serve as Belichick’s most famous courtroom reference while standing at the podium at Gillette, but it certainly drew some chuckles in the media workroom on Monday.

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