NEWBURYPORT (CBS) — Two charter boats collided causing one to capsize in the Merrimack River on Saturday. Five people were rescued from the water, the Coast Guard said.

One person was injured, it is unclear to what extent.

According to the Coast Guard, the 21-foot Jenna Marie and 58-foot Captain George collided around noon, causing the Jenna Marie to flip.

Another boat, Captain Lady, a whale-watching boat, was able to rescue the five people who had been on that boat.

“We could see four people, and we tossed them all the life jackets that they needed and then got them aboard, and when they were coming aboard, there were two small boys – maybe between the ages of 7 and 12 – and two grown adults. They kept saying, ‘There’s five of us; there’s five of us,’” said Kaleen Doyle, who was a passenger on the Captain Lady.

One person was still trapped under the capsized boat. The Coast Guard moved in and rescued him.

“Once somebody saw his head bob up, the diver went in they got him in a life jacket,” Dolan added.

She said the crew on the whale-watching boat worked together and did a great job. “It was really, really impressive, and they deserve a ton of credit. They saved five people.”

The cause of the crash is unknown at this time.


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