By Paul Burton

MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – Larry Woods says when he heard a mother’s cries for help he came running.

“It was amazing to see this three-year old child fighting for her life just hanging on,” Woods said. “When I came around it was just her mother standing over her child on her knees screaming ‘my baby, my baby, my baby!’”

Manchester police say they got a call around 10:30 Monday night about a three year old girl who fell out of a three story window on Thornton Street in Manchester.

“When they got there, they say the child was on the ground and being treated by paramedics and then taken to a local hospital and air lifted to Tufts Medical Center,” Manchester Police Department spokesperson Heather Hamel said.

Woods says as he was on the phone with 911 he was trying to comfort the mother and child. “She was gagging so you know she is still alive,” Woods said.

A child fell out of a window in Manchester, NH (WBZ-TV)

Manchester police are no longer investigating this. They describe this as a terrible accident. They say the mother was actually inside the room. She asked one of her children to open up the window for some fresh air and moments later the three year old fell out.

“The window got raised to get cool air and the baby went up against the screen and the child fell down to the flower bed below,” Hamel said.

The child remains in serious condition.

Woods says neighbors have been up all night worried sick. “We don’t know what will happen from this point on. That’s why we always tell people to make sure the screen is pulled down from the top rather than pull window up from the bottom. This was so quick and the mother had no time to react,” Hamel said.

Paul Burton