By Paul Burton

SUDBURY (CBS) – Police and wildlife officials are trying to find the “sick individual” who they say fired an arrow at a wild turkey. They posted the disturbing photo of the injured bird after they say they received numerous calls from residents who spotted the turkey along with its babies in a wooded area.

Karen Greenwood says more than a dozen turkeys cross the street in front of her house every day in Sudbury, which is why she put up a turkey crossing sign to warn drivers to slow down.

The family was shocked when they saw the picture of the injured bird. “It’s disgusting. They are supposed to go about their own business,” Greenwood said.

A turkey in Sudbury with an arrow stuck in its back. (Image Credit: Newhouse Wildlife Rescue)

Ashley Makridakis is a Massachusetts Wildlife Rehabilitator. She says there’s more than just one turkey being targeted. She was sent photos of another turkey with a white arrow going through it. Right now police are just confirming at least one injured bird.

“The first thing that went through my mind was of course the injured turkey but also it’s not hunting season,” she said.

Ashley strongly believes the turkeys are being maliciously targeted. “There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s two different turkeys because of the placement of the arrows and also that the arrows are different colors,” she said.

A turkey in Sudbury with an arrow stuck in its back. (Image Credit: Newhouse Wildlife Rescue)

Sudbury police released the photo because they are concerned and want to speak to the person responsible. They also want to warn residents that if they spot the turkey don’t approach it or try to help it but call police instead.

“Unfortunately at this point the best thing to do for the public, is to not interfere or capture or try and pull the arrow out,” Makridakis said. “If the arrows can be pulled out successfully it needs to be done surgically.”

Sudbury Animal Control says they are still looking for the injured turkey but have not found it yet.

Anyone with information on who shot the turkeys is asked to contact police.

Paul Burton


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