By Tiffany Chan

WOBURN (CBS) – A Woburn boy is unable to leave the house after his much needed oxygen tank vanished from the front steps of his home. Six-year-old Paul Leonardo was born three months early and needs the extra oxygen to help his underdeveloped lungs grow stronger.

“Some of the others develop on their own, but his lungs won’t get bigger unless they have an oxygen supply. His doctors say it’s the best medicine for him,” his father, also named Paul Leonardo, told WBZ-TV.

The family says they usually leave the silver tank on the front steps of their Hudson Street home, so they can easily reach for it as they’re loading Paul into his wheelchair.

Paul Leonardo and his son at their Woburn home (WBZ-TV)

“We usually leave it overnight so it’s one less thing to worry about in the morning and we came out this morning to get him ready for school and we got his wheelchair ready,” Leonardo said. “As I was putting him in his chair and thinking about his oxygen tank and it was gone.”

The boy’s father says he fears it was stolen or even taken as a cruel prank.

“I have a feeling it was maybe just, again I’m assuming, kids in the neighborhood playing some type of joke,” Leonardo said.

The Leonardos did not file a police report because they don’t want to press charges, or get whoever’s responsible in trouble. They just have one simple request.

“We just want it dropped back off… If it can just show back up on our steps, that’s all I need.”

Tiffany Chan


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