By Mike LaCrosse

FRANKLIN (CBS) – A father-son fishing trip on Cape Cod turned into a once in a lifetime experience. The group captured video of a great white shark as it jumped out of the water.

The Franklin man shooting the video was recording because the boys were competing to see who could catch the biggest fish. He had a feeling the one being reeled in was a huge one, but he wasn’t expecting the shark to pop up.

“It was going to be a normal trip and then someone was reeling their fish in then all of a sudden the shark jumped out,” said Kevin Daly.

A shark jumped out of the water and grabbed a fish off Cape Cod (Image credit Doug Nelson)

The unexpected visitor popped up Saturday afternoon off the coast of Orleans.

Kevin Daly was one of the young boys on-board.

“It was sort of crazy I never expected this to happen in my life. It got half the fish. It left half for us,” Kevin said.

The great white left them all a little shaken up, but with a great story they’ll be telling for years.

Mike LaCrosse


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