By Tiffany Chan

NEEDHAM (CBS) – As temperatures continue to rise, people are cranking up the air conditioning – giving utility crews plenty of work to do this weekend.

“This is when the breakers start to pop, transformers start to go. We want to keep people hydrated in case we have to go to an emergency somewhere,” said Eversource worker David Routhier.

That’s not the only problem they’re worried about.

The incoming heat wave could create tough conditions for crews working high above in buckets, layered up in bulky protective gear as they work the power lines.

Routhier says being closer to the sun adds a solid 5-10 degrees for workers, struggling in the summer heat.


“It’s like wearing your clothes and all this stuff in the steam room,” Routhier said. “By the time you’re done – there are times I’ve lost 5-6 pounds standing in the bucket.”

To avoid the risk of dehydration or even a heat stroke, Eversource employees are taking breaks every 15-20 minutes, and cooling off by retreating in the shade.

It’s so hot that Boston Mayor Marty Walsh declared a heat emergency in the city. He’s warning people to stay cool, hydrated and to avoid being outside during peak hours.

People are seeking refuge from the sweltering temperatures by visiting the city’s public pools, even taking a dip in Boston’s Frog Pond.

“It feels good because it’s cold,” exclaimed one boy.

And the perfect ice, cold treat for a sizzling day? Ice cream.

“It’s melting very quickly, that’s for sure! It’s half gone,” said one tourist.

Boston’s public pools will have free admission during this heatwave.

Tiffany Chan


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