YARMOUTH (CBS) — A 19-year-old hotel worker helped save the life of a young girl from France after she was pulled from a swimming pool Thursday.

Police said the six-year-old girl was swimming with her 13-year-old brother and 14-year-old cousin in the indoor pool at the Yarmouth Resort when the girl went under around 8:30 p.m.

The brother and cousin were able to lift the girl out of the water. Police said the girl and her family were visiting from France and no one in the family spoke English. But 19-year-old Domantas Kairaitis, a resort employee, began CPR and successfully revived the girl before an officer arrived.

Kairaitis said, “Now, I feel good. But after that I was shaking, I was scared.”

The Lithuania native is spending the summer working down the Cape. He said a woman came to the front desk, screaming about a child. When he saw the girl, he was nervous but immediately began CPR.

“She started crying and I knew she was OK,” Kairaitis said.

Domantas Kairaitis used CPR to save a six-year-old girl after she was pulled from the water at Yarmouth Resort where he works (WBZ-TV)

Police said in a statement Friday, “Through interpreters, we were able to determine that adults in the family were just outside the indoor pool cooking on a grill for approximately 10 minutes and left the girl with her older brother and his cousin in the indoor pool swimming.”

The girl was taken to Cape Cod Hospital in good condition and spent the night there for observation.

“The Yarmouth Police Department commends the quick and decisive actions of the teenagers and hotel employee Kairaitis for helping to save the life of [the] child,” police said.

Deputy Chief Steven Xiarhos added, “We’re very proud of him and he should be proud of himself.”