By Dan Roche

BOSTON (CBS) — As the Red Sox get ready to kick off the second half this weekend with a World Series rematch against the Dodgers at Fenway, let’s give you some thoughts on the Sox and baseball.

Boston sits at 49-41 through 90 games. That means, 41-31 over their final 72 games will get them to 90 wins. Would that be enough to get them into the postseason? Maybe. Last year, the Indians were the second AL Wild Card team with 91 wins while Tampa Bay won 90 and missed the playoffs.

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– Boston’s 49-41 record through 90 games would be the worst 90 game record of any of the Sox playoff teams this century — if they make the postseason this year. Here’s a look:

2019: 49-41
2018: 61-29
2017: 51-39
2016: 53-37
2013: 54-36
2008: 52-38
2007: 55-35
2005: 50-40
2004: 50-40
2003: 53-37

What does it mean? Emphasizes the slow start for this team and shows you how hard it is to make the postseason. But, on the positive side the ’04 team got it going and never stopped.

– That leads to my next point. Dave Dombrowski HAS to make some deals. Obviously, the bullpen arms of Barnes, Brasier and Workman are gassed and heading towards career-highs in appearances, but they also need a boost of morale. The 2004 team was re-configured with the trade of Nomar by Theo Epstein. The team got much better with the additions of the shortstop Orlando Cabrera and first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz. Does Dombrowski need to be that bold? Maybe. I would ask Cora if it’s needed and figure it out from there. If it is, I would explore anything and everything. And at the very least, the Sox need two or three arms in my opinion, and that’s in addition to Nathan Eovaldi’s return and one or two young arms on the farm in Darwinzon Hernandez and/or Tanner Houck.

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– The next three weeks will tell us if the Sox have a chance to defend. They have 24 games, including eight against the Yankees, six with the Rays, and three with the Dodgers. Not easy, but it gives Boston a chance to make up ground quickly and get back into this. Another reason why Dombrowski needs to act quickly on the trade front.

– On the offensive side, it’s time for Mookie Betts to take this team on his lead-off shoulders and go. After a dismal .217 June, he’s hitting .435 in his first six games in July. If he can get  hot — and stay hot — this offense will continue to average the 7-8 runs per game it has for the past few weeks. Keep the line moving. Do damage.

– Finally, I’m still disappointed in the lack of anything being implemented to speed up these games. I went to some Minor League games recently and the 20 second pitch clock was in place. Never enforced because everyone seemed to be in sync with getting in the box and on the mound.

I keep hearing, “Oh it’s a little thing” with any and all of these suggestions, but they all can collectively add up and get the games moving.

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Enjoy the final 72 games folks!