BOSTON (CBS) — Boston’s trio of All-Stars arrived at the MLB All-Star Game’s Red Carpet Show in style. One player had a little less style than others.

That’s not to say Mookie Betts was lacking in style, because that was certainly not the case. Betts just had a little less to work with considering he showed up with no shirt under his sports coat.

When you’re the reigning AL MVP, you can wear what you want. And that fedora more than made up for the lack of a shirt.

Fellow Red Sox All Stars JD Martinez and Xander Bogaerts were also sporting fancy suits when they arrived for pre-game festivities Tuesday afternoon, though those will quickly be replaced with their usual uniforms as the 90th MLB All-Star game approaches.


Martinez will be the American League’s starting DH and bat fifth for Boston manager Alex Cora when the game begins, while Betts and Bogaerts will come off the bench. The game is scheduled to start sometime around 7:30 p.m., though there will be plenty more fanfare ahead of the annual exhibition.


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