NATICK (CBS) — The Army is making some big changes to its uniform and it’s getting started in Massachusetts.

The Soldiers Systems Center in Natick is designing the new look. The Army says its current dress blues are too similar to the Marines and Air Force, so they’re making a change and getting some inspiration from the World War II era.

The new Army uniforms (Photo credit: CBS News)

Army Chief of Staff told designer Annette LaFleur that he wanted to evoke the look from “The Greatest Generation.”

“He told me how much that he admired the uniform, that it was a great time in our history and that he wanted to bring back that esprit de corps,” LaFleur said.

It will be several years before every soldier is wearing the new uniform, but the Army will begin rolling them out with recruiters here in New England.

See the full story from CBS News here.

  1. Danny Yearty says:

    i like it, thats the army i know.