MARLBORO (CBS) – Three pit bulls were quarantined after they broke through the screen of an open window at a Marlboro home and attacked a woman who was walking her dog nearby.

The woman was walking her German shepherd on Berlin Road Saturday. Neighbors said they see her walking with the dog on a regular basis.

“She got attacked from three pit bulls,” said neighbor Allan White. “She really took a beating from that animal.”

Three pit bulls were able to escape from this Marlboro home and attack a woman walking by, police said. (WBZ-TV)

He said another neighbor stepped in to stop the attack. “If it wasn’t for that man up there, he’s the hero, he’s the one that really pulled the animal off.”

Marlboro Police said the woman was treated for a broken finger and other non-life threatening injuries. Her dog was taken to Tufts animal hospital.

No charges have been filed at this time and animal control is still deciding what will happen to the dogs.

White had his own opinion, though. “These dogs don’t belong in a neighborhood like this,” he said.


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