WILMINGTON (CBS) – A driver survived a scare on the highway Wednesday morning when a piece of wood smashed the car’s windshield.

“All of a sudden it keeps getting closer,” the driver Marcus Henry said. “It got closer really quickly and I’m like crap this is coming right towards me.”

The block of wood flew right into the windshield on the driver’s side. Henry says he was traveling northbound and it came from the southbound side of the highway.

State Police are not sure if the wood came off a truck or it was already on the road and got kicked up.

“The cop said if I had been going a little faster, it could have came through the side window, I could have been knocked out,” Henry said.

He was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. “Now that I have actually had time to sit back and say ‘wow I can walk away from this with maybe a half a scratch,’” Henry said.

It’s not clear yet where the wood block came from, but in a tweet about the incident, police reminded drivers to “secure all items that could fall from your vehicle or trailer!”


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