BOSTON (CBS) – A woman tried to carry four knives onto a plane at Boston’s Logan Airport by hiding them in her knee brace Wednesday, the TSA said.

The agency said the British citizen who was set to board a flight to Paris arrived at security in a wheelchair and put her knee brace on a checkpoint conveyor belt.

A TSA officer observed “knife-like” items on the X-ray monitor.

“When the TSA officers asked the woman what was inside the knee brace, she laughed,” the TSA said in a statement. “Upon closer inspection, TSA officers uncovered four table knives artfully concealed in the neoprene-style knee brace.”

Knives hidden inside the knee brace at Logan Airport (Photo credit: TSA)

Authorities confiscated the knives, and the London resident was denied boarding. Massachusetts State Police and the airline have been notified of the incident.

“I can assure you that trying to artfully conceal any sort of weapon in an effort to get it onto an airplane is no laughing matter,” said Robert Allison, TSA’s federal security director for Massachusetts, in a statement.

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  1. Steve Mooradian says:


  2. Lock her up for LIFE! She was obviously planning to use those BUTTER knives — that won’t even cut White-Bread — to Hi-Jack the plane by spreading Peanut-Butter & Jelly on the Flight Crew and Passengers: ‘Do as I say or I’ll put Grape Jelly on your nose’!

    1. Allen Heindel says:

      Sounds like a test run to me. Start by seeing if you can get through with butter knives. If so, then move on to real knives. Or to make it easier all they need to do is steal a couple of knives from the kitchen of an airport restaurant.

      I’ve had steak in an airport restaurant and was given a rather fierce looking steak knife with my meal. Sneaking it out of the restaurant would have been easy.

    2. Frank Booger says:

      What don’t you understand about ‘No Knives’?

  3. Why was she denied boarding if the knives were intercepted at the checkpoint?

    1. Dave Hardesty says:

      Because what she attempted to do is a crime. DUH!

  4. They were probably there an expedient way to increase the rigidity of the brace. This is a huge nothing sandwich.

  5. The GOV TSA goons tote AR15 rifles around. The people are then told there butter knives are weapons to be confiscated. BEWARE, the GOV tyrants with be coming for in you jelly and butter next!

    1. Dave Hardesty says:

      Why don’t they carry a real assault weapon, the M16?

  6. Joe Waldron says:

    Notice no name or other identification. Probably a Muslim rare silverware collector.

  7. Remember, in the UK a butter knife is a deadly weapon.

  8. Michael Crosiar says:

    Thank God! They finally caught a terrorist!

  9. Mike Arvand says:

    meanwhile – TSA gave 4 muslim males between the ages of 18 and 40, while commenting on “jihad” a pass. because you can’t “profile” and felt up several underage girls and women because “protection”

  10. John McMullen says:

    I agree. It sounds like a test run. Remember 9/11? They used utility knives. They’re still coming after us. Is she muslim?

  11. Renee Craynon says:

    No more travel with others

  12. Richard Arena says:

    Trying to sneak butter knives hidden in a knee cast onto a plane. Dry run. Next time they will be box cutters.

  13. Any dull knife can have the edge sharpened like a razor, and it can be done in a rest room after getting through security. Send this terrorist back to Londonistan in a row boat…. after shoving the knives up her

  14. Steve Hansen says:

    Good work by TSA. And why isn’t this woman being water boarded in Guantanamo?

  15. mjazzguitar says:

    Laugh it off when someone shoves butter knife between your ribs.
    Of course this was a dry run- why won’t they tell us the name?

  16. malewurmhole says:

    Test run. If they are harmless a good test would be to see if they pierce her skin. Repeatedly.

  17. Dee Win says:

    test run by a muzzie. . .?

  18. Michael Chovich says:

    Test run, like they did a bunch of times for 9/11

  19. Dan Defoe says:

    I’ve been given sharper knives on flights by flight attendants in times past.

  20. John Oakman says:

    Test run–no one is that stupid.

  21. Flat out “Trial Run”! Logan Airport……..home of the 9/11 space cadets who attacked America!

  22. Jeff Smith says:

    Why didn’t she just put them in her luggage?

    I agree with others: this may have been a test of our security systems.

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