By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Many Boston fans have been reluctant to even think about the Celtics trading away Jayson Tatum this offseason. That may change after Wednesday night, despite how irrational and silly their reason may be.

In the moments following the Bruins’ disappointing Game 7 loss to the St. Louis Blues in the Stanley Cup Final, Tatum sent out a Tweet that will certainly upset some Boston fans. A St. Louis native, Tatum couldn’t help but celebrate the Blues’ title.

Considering the Celtics are reportedly engaged in trade talks for Anthony Davis, Tatum couldn’t have picked a worse time to get on the city’s bad side. We’d share some of the tweets he received in response, but they aren’t suitable for a family website. Most of them wished Tatum well in New Orleans, with some colorful words mixed in.

But really, why is anyone mad at someone else supporting their hometown team? The Blues just won their first title in their 52-year existence (20 of which Tatum has been around for), let the kid celebrate. It’s no secret that he has St. Louis pride, as he explained on an Instragram story shortly after the Blues won.

“Listen I got nothing but love for the city of Boston and the Bruins!” Tatum wrote, via The Boston Globe. “But St. Louis will always be home I can never go against the grain! Where I’m from there isn’t much to celebrate or be happy about! This brings the city joy and brings positive attention that we rarely ever get! With so much negative attention for many different reasons it’s rare we get this opportunity.”

Boston fans may be a little perturbed with Tatum at the moment, but he could easily win them back with a strong third season with the Celtics, Now we wait to see if he’ll get that opportunity.


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