BOSTON (CBS) – Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone was critical of the Boston Bruins’ decision to partner with Barstool Sports, which sponsored a rally towel at TD Garden during one of the team’s Stanley Cup Final games.

“As a fairly rabid sports fan one of the more regrettable things I’ve seen is the attempt to disguise misogyny, racism & general right wing lunacy under a ‘sports’ heading. Our sports teams & local sports fans need to push back to stress that’s not us,” Curtatone tweeted on May 31.

Joe Curtatone on Bruins Rally Towel


The Bruins declined to comment at the time about the partnership with Barstool. This week on Keller @ Large, Curtatone talked to WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller about why he spoke up on the issue.

“I think it’s important that we all speak up and get involved. There’s an old saying ‘Never let the lie become the truth,’” Curtatone said. “Also, there’s another important lesson. Never let hate, harmful, offensive language that targets individuals based on who they are, what they believe in, what their sex is, or their race vest in any way whatsoever. And we all know Barstool’s history. Their target audience by their own admission are white males.”

Curatone added, “These platforms become cover for racist and alt-right movement as well. In this case their record is clear on that. Especially in the language and reaction to women who speak up.”

The Somerville mayor said the Bruins should have offered an explanation about why they decided to partner with the controversial organization.

“Why would you want to partner with such an entity when your mission has been expanded to say we want to make the game more inclusive and diverse for everyone?” he said. “I think that’s noble. But we need to be true to that. To partner with Barstool Sports cuts against that. I think we deserve an explanation.”

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  1. Mary Ellen Sikes says:

    Thank you for speaking out, Mayor!

  2. Matt O'Brien says:

    Curtatone is even more out of touch than Walsh is. Scary stuff.

  3. George Skogstrom says:

    Curtatone is the embodiment of MA politicians, the absolute worst of the worst. Preaching his wokeness to the woke masses and they’re lapping it up like ice cream. I love MA but the stupidity and hypocrisy of its ultra liberal majority sickens me. Credit where its due though, Curtatone knows what sells in this town and he doles it out in spades.
    And not for nothing but his take is old news and not even true anymore. When they sold Barstool they dialed down anything that could be construed as offensive. They probably dialed it down even before the sale. Consequently or coincidentally, the site got pretty boring and mundane and lost a lot of its viewership.
    Anyway, enough about this schmuck. Lets go B’s – we want the Cup!!!!

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