BOSTON (CBS) — Seven people were arrested when protests got heated during an abortion demonstration in Boston.

The annual Massachusetts March For Life took place Sunday afternoon on Boston Common. It was met by many demonstrating in support of abortion rights and police officers were forced to call for backup to help keep the peace.

“Boston is a pro-choice town” was chanted as an event speaker said, “We pro-lifers agree that ladies must be remembered. What we deny is that we can rightly remember any one human by killing another human.”

The March For Life in Boston was met with pro-choice demonstrators Sunday afternoon (WBZ-TV)

According to the Boston Globe, about 100 counterprotesters booed the anti-abortion crowd of over 100.

Comments (9)
  1. Samson Racioppi says:

    Any idea which ‘side’ those arrested were on?? I’m sure your readers / viewers will have an idea.. Why won’t the media report that violent agitators attempted to shut down peaceful pro-life demonstrators??

    Oh, that’s right, because CBS sympathizes with local terrorists. Got it.

  2. Mary Ellen Sikes says:

    I call them faux life because they like to bully women and healthcare workers. You have to be a pervert to care what someone else does with their doctor. But I guess pedophile enablers are perverts!

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