By Kristina Rex

HINGHAM (CBS) — Hingham Police are warning both drivers and parents after a close call on a long, winding road Memorial Day.

Police were called to Cushing Street after an Uber driver discovered a teenage boy, home from college, passed out drunk in the middle of the road. The entire encounter is captured on a police dash cam.

“I could see something in the middle of the road,” the Uber driver, who wished to remain anonymous, said. “I thought it was an animal that got hit by a car.”

A teen was found passed out in the middle of a Hingham road by an alert Uber driver (Image credit Hingham PD)

At 4:30 in the morning, though, it wasn’t an animal. The alert driver turned on his hazards, stopped traffic with his car, and stayed with the unresponsive boy until police arrived.

“I was scared,” the driver said. “I thought he got hit by a car or something.”

Paramedics cleared the teen and released him home to his family. He wasn’t injured, and police haven’t been able to figure out where he was coming from due to a lack of cooperation, they say. “He was very lucky not to be run over by a car,” said Sergeant Steven Dearth.

Hingham Police call the Uber driver’s actions a testament to focused, alert driving. “We have college kids who are home now who are used to doing certain things… and calls pick up like this,” Sergeant Dearth said.

Police posted the dash cam footage to social media Friday, using the close call as an opportunity to warn parents. With Hingham’s high school graduation on Saturday morning and hundreds of college kids home for the summer, police are asking parents to be aware. It’s a popular time of year for parties and they’re asking you make sure your kids have a safe ride home, and think twice before hosting underage parties.

Kristina Rex


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