BOSTON (CBS) – The recreational marijuana business is booming in Massachusetts. There are 18 pot stores up and running and dozens more getting close.

WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller sat down with Cannabis Control Commission Steven Hoffman to talk about the state of legalized pot in the Bay State.

“We’ve built a set of regulations that I think are well-conceived and very focused on ensuring public health and public safety,” Hoffman said.

In the full interview above, they discussed concerns about driving while high, social consumption of marijuana, police enforcement and making the cannabis business more diverse.

Jon Keller

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      @Jordan Lewis Ding Dong: Some historians speculate that the Roman Empire began to fall when citizens forgot that their alphabet included both upper and lower case letters.

  2. Regarding DRIVING and Marijuana: While the commission did an excellent job with limited resources and very little ability to add in trained public health and driving professionals that would have been appropriate—-

    The composition of the driving advisory group was determined by the bill written by the marijuana industry—REALLY no representation from victims, no representation from groups already showed having deadly harm-pedestrians and bicyclists and no representation from those ambulating not by choice–on driving pavement-such as wheelchair users……The group most appropriate related to marijuana–MADD, was not even considered to have a representative on the advisory group.

    The state of Massachusetts will suffer with fatal injuries related to marijuana impairment to a greater extend than other states as there are much fewer resources to be available through the marijuana revenue than any other state. The products for medicinal were never taxed–and the recreational is taxed low. There are no resources targeted to the driving specifically and Massachusetts already has the lowest per capita number of trained officers specific to marijuana than any other state with legal adult use (Oregon has the highest).

    The state of Washington did an excellent study before, during and after legal adult marijuana use. They found … a driver tested positive for active THC only, no other drugs or alcohol, was SIX TIMES more likely to have killed a pedestrian, bicyclist, other driver or Passenger compared to alcohol. The GHSA found the rate of fatal injury to pedestrians has gone up in those states with legal adult use of marijuana compared to neighboring states. The rate of running a red light in Denver has risen eighteen percent since the shops to buy legal adult marijuana opened in Colorado……