BROOKLINE (CBS) — An apparent manhole fire and explosions shut down Hammond Street in Brookline Sunday. Police, firefighters, and utility crews rushed to the scene around 3 p.m. but the street has since reopened.

“Well, we had probably 12 explosions from a manhole. We were concerned about manhole covers exploding and flying up in the air and hurting people or property, so we set up an evacuation area of about 150 feet in each direction,” said Deputy Fire Chief Colin O’Connell.

“The fire is out. We have the gas company on scene checking for gas. We found some residual gas but nothing to be worried about,” he continued.

Police blocked off a road in Brookline after a manhole explosion Sunday afternoon (WBZ-TV | Jim Smith)

People living nearby said they heard a series of booms and many had no power while safety checks were performed.

“There’s booms happening and then after the boom, you’ll see a big puff of smoke. Like a brownish gray puff of smoke,” one woman said.

“So it’s very scary, I’m reminded what happened in Lawrence with the explosions — you don’t know your mind goes,” she added.

O’Connell said nearby homes have been checked and cleared for any gas or electrical issues.

Another nearby resident said, “We’ve had gas odors along here for years. So everybody’s used to smelling gas and being concerned about gas and I’m glad that they’re on top of it though.”