By Sarah Wroblewski

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) – Memorial Day weekend is quickly approaching, and if you’re thinking of having a backyard barbecue, here are some tips on bushes and shrubs to plant to spruce up your yard!

Right now, rhododendrons are currently in bloom at your local garden center. (They may be delayed by a week or two due to the cooler weather earlier this spring at your house.) Rhododendrons display spectacular clusters of vibrant flowers and can grow to be quite large.

Rhododendrons and hydrangeas are good shrub choices for spring. (WBZ-TV)

At Pemberton Farms in Cambridge, there are many different varieties of hydrangeas to choose from if you want a more classic New England shrub in your yard. If you plan to plant one in a shady spot, oakleaf hydrangeas are a great choice. Climbing hydrangeas grow really well in the shade, too.

Another popular pick is the endless summer hydrangea with the classic blue flower you typically see on Cape Cod.

If you already have a hydrangea in your yard, don’t forget to leave about 2 to 3 feet of the woody stems from last year to support the new growth this spring.

Lastly, it’s also a great time to plant rose bushes. I grew up with a rose garden and remember seeing little bugs on the leaves all the time. Mark from Pemberton Farms suggested bringing home a bucket of ladybugs. It’s a natural and easy way to treat insects. A great tip if you don’t like to use pesticides and keep everything organic.

Enjoy and happy gardening! Share your spring garden pictures by tweeting me at @SarahWroblewski

Sarah Wroblewski