Boston Calling, Marijuana, Boston Police Department, Public Consumption of Marijuana, Gov. Charlie Baker
By Gary Brode

ALLSTON (CBS) – The three-day music festival, Boston Calling, starts Friday, and Boston Police said they will be giving citations to anyone smoking marijuana. That’s creating some buzz among smokers before the concert gets going.

Joe Gilmore, of the Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council, said, “I think it’s so hypocritical. As you can imagine, there’s so much more deaths from alcohol every year.”

Massachusetts law says it’s not legal to smoke in a public place.

Boston Calling 2018 Day 1 (WBZ-TV | Mike LaCrosse)

Boston Calling issued this statement: “The festival continues to work in conjunction with Boston Police to ensure the safety for all artists, attendees and staff. All interactions with regard to marijuana will be at the discretion of the Boston Police Department.”

Some are taking issue with alcohol being allowed but not marijuana.

Gilmore asked, “If you can have an alcohol permit, why can’t you have a cannabis permit?”

Last week, the Cannabis Control Commission voted to push forward with a pilot program allowing social consumption, including events like Boston Calling.

But approval appears to be a ways away.

Governor Charlie Baker said, “If you’re going to treat this like alcohol, you should treat it like alcohol, and public consumption in regards to alcohol, unless you have a permit and a whole set of rules and requirements that are set in place, you can’t do.”

The music festival in Allston is right across the river from Cambridge. Cambridge Police say they will also be on the lookout for marijuana use for those walking back and forth from the concert.

Gary Brode


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