FRAMINGHAM (CBS) — When it comes to big breakfasts served with a side of fun, few places on the planet do it like Framingham’s J & M Diner.

Not only is this place fun, it’s also busy, but customers don’t seem to mind because they know they’re going to get an epic meal from the Fiore family.

“J & M Diner is a family run business, serving food with love, literally love. A place where people can come, young and old, and be served great food with a smile. Just a great place to come,” said Karen Fiore.

J & M Diner in Framingham (Phantom Gourmet)

“We’re a destination. It’s the place that you go when you don’t care about your diet anymore,” said Libby.

“I would say real diner style, hearty American, cheesecake factory-esque portions,” said Dave Fiore.

J & M Diner in Framingham (Phantom Gourmet)

The portions here are huge, from the hubcap-sized pancakes to the irresistibly sweet waffles to the incredibly popular and incredibly delicious homemade hash.

“Both the corned beef hash and the sweet potato hash are made here on site, daily, and I’m talking hundreds and hundreds of pounds a day,” said Dave.

J & M Diner in Framingham (Phantom Gourmet)

And it’s all served with a smile to customers who are smiling too because great food equals a great mood at J & M Diner.

Karen said, “Everybody speaks the same tune around here. It’s fun. We play fun music, you come through that door, you’re in another world. You know you’re going to have a good time, you’re going to have great food, a great experience, it’s just awesome.”


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