BROOKLINE (CBS) – A man was allegedly mugged for his marijuana shortly after he bought it on Wednesday night. The man was walking down Davis Ave when he was approached and police believe it’s because of what he was holding in his hand.

They all carry them as they leave, little white bags signaling they bought marijuana at NETA Brookline.

“It’s almost like a red flag,” said Brookline Police Lt. Philip Harrington

Brookline Police say that white bag was likely the reason the man was targeted and threatened Tuesday night after he left the recreational pot shop.

“That story is very shocking to me,” Maddie Rice said. “I wouldn’t expect that coming out of Brookline.”

According to the police report, as the NETA customer walked down the street away from the shop, he was followed by a man on a bike. The man said: ‘Give me the weed or I will shoot you” as he held his fist clenched as if he was holding the butt of a small pistol.

The victim called 911.

Police ultimately arrested 28-year-old Adrian Thomas who didn’t have a gun.

It’s not the first time something like this has happened since NETA Brookline opened in March and regular customers are torn on how it makes them feel leaving the popular spot.

“It’s so new to the area,” said Jim Mortenson of Boston. “Having more drugs on the street and knowing that it’s coming from this location specifically makes people easy targets.”

“Anyone walking down the street who isn’t aware of their surroundings could be an easy target; I don’t think me carrying this weed makes me any easier than anyone else,” Rice said.

Police say the best way to stay safe is to hide the white bag as you leave the store.

“We would ask people to help us, protect themselves, and just conceal it,” Lt. Harrington said.

Police say a similar incident happened in April. A man on a bike swiped a customer’s NETA bag with about $100 of pot in it.

They’re investigating if these two incidents could be connected.