BOSTON (CBS) – A 3-year-old bloodhound can no longer continue working with the Billerica Police Department’s K9 Unit after losing his leg to cancer, and now he’s in need of a loving home.

The MSPCA is looking for adopters for Blue, who had been a “prized member” of the force. He was diagnosed with a soft tissue sarcoma, a potentially lethal cancer, after police noticed a growth on his right front leg last month.

The department surrendered Blue to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm about a week ago, and veterinarians at the MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center worked quickly to stop the cancer from spreading.

“Amputation would offer Blue the best chance of trying to cure this form of cancer,” said surgeon Nick Trout in a statement.

“Blue” needs a new home after having his leg amputated (Photo credit: MSPCA)

Billerica police paid for Blue’s surgery but are unable to keep him. Even with only three legs, Blue can still make a great pet.

“He is a wonderful dog—well trained, friendly and social—and we think his new ‘tripod’ status makes him all the more adorable,” said Meaghan O’Leary, director of the adoption center at the MSPCA at Nevins Farm, in a statement.

The MSPCA’s Morgan Katz said Blue is “one of the sweetest, most mellow dogs I’ve ever met.”

“The only thing left for him today is for him to get used to walking on three legs, which he’s doing a pretty good job of already,” she said. “He loves toys. He loves meeting new people. So he really would be a good fit for most any home.”

Interested adopters can email or come to the adoption center during open hours.

  1. Elanna Bauce Roy says:

    Shame on all of you, tossing this dog to the side as if he were nothing. He spends his early life saving police asses and you become the most ungrateful bunch of losers. Hey remember this one…OINK

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