By Lisa Hughes

ATTLEBORO (CBS) – A wish fulfilled for an Attleboro third grader, when President Trump responded to a letter the little guy sent to the White House. It was all part of a school assignment, and on this one he gets an A+.

“I was looking at some birthdays of the presidents and we found Donald Trump’s,” said soon to be 9-year-old Adam Turner, a student at Studley Elementary School. He was more than pleasantly surprised when he learned that Donald Trump’s birthday is June 14th. “I said, that’s the same one as mine.”

That’s right, both of them were born on June 14th, albeit 64 years apart. “Me and him, we have a lot in common,” Adam said.

“We were learning about the parts of the letter, and how to address an envelope,” explained Adam’s teacher Bertie Larouche.

Adam Turner holds letter from President Trump (WBZ-TV)

So when she assigned the class to write a letter, Adam had a great idea. “I writed to the President,” he told us.

“Most of the kids wrote to grandparents and aunts and uncles, and most of them heard back in two or three weeks,” said Mrs. Larouche.

But not Adam. He waited and waited to hear back from the White House. Every day he went to the main office to see if a letter arrived. “And for six months there was no letter in the office,” his teacher said.

Adam Turner writes second letter to President Trump (WBZ-TV)

But Adam didn’t give up hope and last Friday it happened, a letter arrived from President Trump addressed to Adam.

Adam read us a bit. “I always enjoy hearing from young Americans like you.”

The third grader was thrilled. “I want to be just like him when I grow up.”

And it’s not over. On Tuesday, Adam wrote his second letter to the president. “Dear Mr. President, thank you for writing me back,” Adam read out loud to us.

Adam is inspired. He wants to grow up to be president.

“Me and him, we’ll make a better future.”

Lisa Hughes

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  1. Lauren MacArthur says:

    Good for Adam! He does have even more in common with President Trump. He stepped outside the box, didn’t take the obvious, easy route to complete his school assignment. Keep on thinking and being creative, Adam, and you will have a wonderful life!

    1. Brian Perez says:

      Great words of inspiration to little Adam!

  2. Marylou D'Angelo Jacobucci says:

    This president is not a role model for our children and I don’t think you should have made a big deal out of this story. If I had small children they would not be allowed to listen to anything this man has to say. He is a bully, makes fun of handicapped people, believes Putin over our own government and I could go on and on but I have wasted enough of my time and energy on Trump. Why not read all the letters from the entire class and make them feel special too.

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