BOSTON (CBS) — A deadly tractor-trailer crash brought the Massachusetts Turnpike to a standstill for hours Monday afternoon.

A tractor-trailer rolled over on the Mass. Pike in Brighton (WBZ-TV)

State Police said the truck was traveling eastbound in Brighton around 1:30 p.m. when “the trailer began to sway and the truck moved from the middle lane to the left lane.”

“For reason or reasons still under investigation, the truck then rolled over onto the cement median barrier and continue to travel along it for a significant distance,” State Police said in a statement late Monday night.

The cab landed on the eastbound side and the trailer rolled over onto the westbound lanes.  The large container being carried on the trailer also ended up across three lanes on the westbound side of the Pike.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was pronounced dead at the scene. He was later identified as 49-year-old Sterling Hullett of Fort Worth, Texas. He worked for R and D Transportation in Westport.

The rollover on the Mass Pike (WBZ-TV)

No other cars or trucks were involved, but the crash created a bottle neck in the afternoon commute.

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  1. Dolores Kaleta says:

    Sorry to read of the Drivers Death and of another Tractors forced participation with a coupled Trailer that is IMMINENT to Rollover; as the Trailer is the dominant controlling energy force that will force the Tractor to follow to its Destruction; and cause Harm and the Death to its occupants of Men, Women & Children by the many Hundreds, each year when Thousands of these accidents occur annually, that are not always the “Drivers” fault, in the U.S. alone! Interested in a common-sense resolve to save lives when these Commercial Tractor Trailer Rollovers are IMMINENT? Visit my research submission to the U.S. Transportation Research Board at http://WWW.DEFORMABLEKINGPIN.COM that will expose WHY these accidents continue to be recorded for over 40 years as backs turn for PAY-LOAD influence and reject common-sense. DJK

  2. Philip F Daniels says:

    And they want driverless operation? Ha! That container was probably overloaded, they always overload those things. I can imagine the load wasn’t properly secured or broke loose inside the trailer. Possibly a non-union driver with not enough experience to handle what happened. Knowing about a load that makes the trailer unsafe and start swaying on you or equipment failure of improperly maintained systems, comes with the experience. If it’s not safe, don’t drive it! The company gets the ticket, not the driver, unless they’re owner-operators. I drove tractor-trailers for close to 30 years and I couldn’t believe how much those containers were overloaded so often when I was pulling those. I’d be rowing away at the shifter on the slightest of grades, my tractor would be overheating. I’ve left equipment sitting at the dock and gone home if the company wouldn’t fix it and make it safe to operate. It’s your CDL, that you paid a lot of money, time and experience to have and keep, not the company you work for.

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