By Bill Shields

BOURNE (CBS) – Expensive boat electronics are being targeted by thieves. There are reports of more than two dozen thefts in the past month.

It is state of the art technology, GPS units, chart plotters, and fish finders. Some sell for $15,000 or as little as $400. Most boats have them and thieves know it.

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Boats in storage yard in Bourne (WBZ-TV)

“They’re going to boatyards, storage yards and cutting fences, sometimes hopping the fences, they cut the shrink wrap to the boats, they go in and they’re taking GPS units out of boats,” said Bourne Police Lt. John McDougall.

During the winter, most boats stored outside are covered in plastic. Lately, thieves on the North Shore and Cape Cod have been cutting the plastic, then walking onto the boats, and stealing the electronics.

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Boat GPS units (WBZ-TV)

John Forcier is a boat owner, and hates the thought of someone ripping off his electronics.

“I wouldn’t be happy,” Forcier said. “Especially around here, water is shallow, it would be disheartening.”

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Boating can be expensive to begin with. Stealing electronics is adding salt to the wound.

Bill Shields