By Mike LaCrosse

TAUNTON (CBS) – A Taunton woman is recovering at Rhode Island Hospital after being attacked by six pit bulls. Taunton Police say the woman was walking her dog on Broadway Wednesday night when the dogs came after her.

The victim, Rochelle Silva, says she ran across the street and laid next to a fence to shield herself from the dogs.

“The dogs are just kind of attacking me. I kind of get in like a fetal position and put Ace underneath me,” said Silva.

Rochelle Silva (Courtesy photo)

Ace is her daughter’s eight-month-old puppy and was killed in the attack.

Taunton Police say one of their officers saw the dogs running after Silva and used his siren and horn to distract the dogs.

Silva says the dogs eventually got them away from her, but the damage was already done. She has injuries to her face, arms and legs.

Ace (courtesy photo)

“It’s horrible the back of my legs. I have big bite marks. Can you image pit bulls biting out and just locking,” said Rochelle Silva.

“The dogs there were so many of them. They were coming at her in different angles,” said the victim’s daughter Arianna Silva.

Arianna says her mom can’t walk and will need skin grafts on her legs. She’s glad her mother is alive.

“If they were to get at her neck or belly anywhere on the upper areas she would have lost her life,” said Arianna Silva. “It’s hard because I could have lost her on top of losing a puppy.”

A good Samaritan also suffered an injury trying to help Silva. Police say the initial investigation shows the pit bulls’ owner opened the door and one of the dogs got out and the others also escaped as he tried to catch the first dog.

The six pit bulls are now in Taunton Animal Control custody pending a hearing.

The owner did not respond to WBZ-TV’s request for comment.

Mike LaCrosse

Comments (4)
  1. Russell Jennison says:

    6 pit bulls really? Those dogs should be destroyed and the owner held financially responsible for all victims injuries and lose of income.

  2. Arch Stanton says:

    Breed of Peace strikes again. Dogs should be destroyed, owner held financially responsible, and barred from ever having dogs.

  3. Cris Ruiz says:

    I’ve had Pities for about 20 years. I found the personality of these animals to be no different than a Rotti or Sheppard or Doberman with the exception that they are protective of the people they perceive to be in their care. Same if they are in a car alone or even with the owner, don’t go reaching in with your hand ’cause they will bite you. They are loyal and easy to train so yes you can train these animals to kill but you can also train them to be gentle and caring…Any group of dogs in a pack will attack and they will eviscerate any one person or animal depending on size and response. Why were the dogs running free? why six dogs of the same breed? There is more to this story that we are being told!

  4. Katherine Clarke says:

    Heaven help this Pitbull owner if he does not have special homeowner’s insurance for those dogs. Ms Silva will own his house. Even if pet exclusions are not specified in his policy, his insurance company will fight like a demon not to pay any claim he may try to put through. Especially if he was breeding them for any purpose. I hope the Silva family gets a good tough lawyer. She and the Good Samaritan deserve whatever they can get. I wish them all well and a full and speedy recovery for Ms. Silva. And condolences on the loss of their sweet puppy. Terrible, terrible.

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