By Tashanea Whitlow

REVERE (CBS) – For a once in a lifetime opportunity, fans paid $90 to experience 22 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies in 58 hours at Showcase Cinema de Lux Revere. It was one of only 12 locations in North America chosen to host the two-and-half-day movie marathon.

“Maybe, I’ll be hallucinating once the movie starts. I don’t know,” said an excited and tired moviegoer, while preparing to watch the last movie.

The marathon started Tuesday morning with the movie “Iron Man” and ended Thursday evening, with an early premiere of the highly anticipated “Avengers: Endgame.”

The movie left Allana Colacchil of Attleboro on the edge of her seat, “It was a wild ride.”

The experience allowed fans to catch up on a decade of Marvel movies. “I hadn’t seen Captain Marvel, so that was pretty cool,” said Colacchil.

Kaitlyn Gomes of Attleboro telling WBZ she used the time to bond with her nephew. “I got to spend time with my nephew, brought him out of school,” she said.

Showcase Cinema de Lux Revere making sure everyone had a full experience, even those with disabilities. Providing showering stations, yoga breaks, and portable cell phone charging lockers and free food to 150 movie lovers.

Fans devouring 500 pounds of popcorn, more than 12,000 ounces of soda, 1200 ounces of Monster Energy drinks and 35 pizza pies.

Marvel movie fans summing up the experience in one word “Epic.”

Tashanea Whitlow